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Whether it’s for fitness, weight loss, self-defense, or self-confidence, Jiu Jitsu Tech can fill all your needs. We’re proud to offer martial art classes for students of ALL LEVELS of experience (from no experience at all to accomplished martial artists), fitness (from overweight to super-fit), and age (from 4 years old and up, men and women). Our martial art classes are curriculum oriented, providing a fast-paced yet easy approach to learning the fastest growing Martial Arts in the world!

Students are helpful to each other, and achieve great results in a short amount of time. Skills taught are realistic for self-defense and great for increasing fitness and stamina. Students learn strategies for advancing in rank after completing time and skill requirements, all in a safe and fun environment. We’re committed to meeting the needs of every child and adult.

Jiu Jitsu Tech Team

Professor Rob Steenburgh Owner & Head Instructor
Patrick Skinner Digital Marketing Manager & Web Designer
Katherine Doyle-Steenburgh Chief Financial Officer


“Had a great time rolling here. I’m from out of town and just wanted a decent place to roll during my short stay. But the facility and the people here made it a great experience and didn’t make me feel like an outsider at all. Also, Coach Rob is a great teacher and really gives…

Colt Worley

“The facility is nice, well designed and those mats are great. We came for the open mat and coffee on Sunday, met some great people there and got some excellent coaching too. Thanks for having us out, we look forward to coming again.”

Patrick Wynne

“My uncle trains here. He has gained strength, agility, flexibility, harder cardio, and has became ripped in less than 6 weeks. He is in his lower 50s, and does as good if not better than some 30 yr olds! Rob, the coach, pushes my uncle so hard. Makes him do his best. The atmosphere is…

Tanar Gillaspie